Friday, January 22, 2010

Sarah Palin Weighs in on Whether President is a Klingon.

Washington D.C.--In an appearance on Fox News last night, Ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addressed the recent controversy over whether Barrack Obama is a Klingon, stating "I do not know if Obama is a Klingon, but I do believe whether or not the president was born on this planet is a legitimate question to ask." The controversy erupted last week when World Net Daily displayed a Klingon Birth Certificate purportedly showing that Barack Obama was born in the first city of Qu'noS as opposed to Honolulu, Hawaii. If authentic, the document would constitutionally invalidate Obama's presidency.

White House Press Secreatary William Gibbs responded to the controversy this morning stating "It is a documented fact that the President was born in Honolulu Hawaii. It is also fact that Klingons do not exist. They are a fictional race of aliens from a TV show." Hours later during his program on Fox News Glen Beck fired back at Gibbs saying "This is yet another bald faced lie from the Obama administration...according to the laws of pantheistic solipsism all the worlds we imagine exist as parallel universes...therefore, the existence of Klingons is fact and Obama may be one of them given his physiognomy..I am not saying that he is one, but we must all be open to the possibility that instead of merely being a black Muslim attempting to impose Islamo-Fascism-Marxism upon our great nation, that he is a Klingon agent attempting to impose their barbaric and alien ideas of honor upon our great nation. We must continue to ask questions, if there is to continue to be an America."The president could not be reached for comment before this article was published.

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