Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bad Idea BEEB, Bad Idea.

I have a confession to make. Even though, I have mostly enjoyed the new Doctor Who, I have not seen an episode of Torchwood. With that said, doing a US version on FOX is really bad idea (especially if it is done instead of the BBC version as Rob seems to believe). Fox has a miserable history with sci-fi series. Even if they are not sabotaged from the beginning(Firefly, Virtuality) they always fail to attract the ratings that Fox wants and wind up getting canceled after one or two seasons (Sarah Conner, Dollhouse). I think the last sci-fi show to go for more than two seasons on Fox was either Sliders or Millennium (unless you count Futurama, yet another mistreated series) and the only one that ever was really successful was The X-Files.

Then of course there is the Doctor Who connection. Doctor Who is a very British thing and is an acquired taste when it comes to Americans. The show has never been particularly popular-relegated to PBS or Cable. Oh and their open to doing an Americanized version of Doctor Who itself. I'm sure that will work just as well as last time.

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