Saturday, January 16, 2010

Perhaps Conan Should Do Something Else?

I stand by my earlier comments. If Fox won't take him than he can probably find a cable channel that will give him a talk show for the right price. Thing is though, there are a lot of late night talk shows these days. Six just counting what runs on network tv every weeknight.

As far as I know SNL is the only first run sketch comedy show on American tv right now. That is pretty sad, especially considering how weak SNL has been for the last ten years or so. As much as I liked his old late night show, the gossip coming out of Conan's negotiations with NBC indicate that NBC will retain the rights to all the characters and comedy bits from Late Night and The Tonight Show. Well, if Conan has to start anew, then perhaps he should look to Dave Chapel for inspiration as opposed to Johny Carson?

ABC and CBS may be interested in competing with SNL. HBO, Showtime, and the other usual suspects might be interested in a sketch comedy show from Conan as well. What say you Coco?

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